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Sweet Jade Miranda got fucked in the booty because he asked for it nicely

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 2 576 Submitted: 1 year ago
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Description: Folks its that time again. Long awaited and much anticipated Super Ramon is back again to save the day again.This time our lovely Jade Miranda is hanging out with her boyfriend and just simply cant stand his ass anymore. Her boyfriend is one of those that simply cant keep up sexually.The type that keeps getting cheated on simply because hes a weakling in the bedroom. Our lovely Jade Miranda cant take it anymore.One thing leads to another and he freaks out and kicks her out of the car. Now we know when a beautiful TS is in distress our one and only Super Ramon comes to the rescue and saves the day.If you know us and our Monstercocked hero Super Ramon you know when he saves a TS his mission is to lay down some pipe! Lets get right down to the action with the beautiful Jade Miranda in TS in Distress"