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Description: Folks its that one night of the year again that everyone enjoys.Not only is it Trans500 update time, its Halloween! The time where we all dress up and get ourselves into outrageous sitautions. Lovely Jessy Dubai has decided to head over to a Halloween party to get her boogie on. After a night of dancing and doing her thing, its time to go home. As you know tonights the night when all sorts of characters are out and about. She walks over and hops into her car and cant get it to start. No car, no phone signal is the last thing you want on this type of night. On her way to get help shes encountered by the Red-Devil TS snatcher. Hes on the prowl searching for his next victim. Stalking, and watching Jessys every move he makes his attack and heads off with her purse. Remember we told you about all these characters out on this night? SUPER RAMON! is also out and about fighting crime and laying the smack down on all these bad guys. He comes to Jessy Dubais rescue and saves the day. What else needs to be said when Super Ramon saves the day? He wants some transsexual ass as a thank you for his services.Jessy Dubai sees no problem with all. Lets get right to the Halloween action with Jessy Dubai and Super Ramon in "A Jessy Dubai Halloween"