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Oriental Palmony enjoys some intense anal action with man

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 4 654 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: Welcome to the magical day where presents you with a hardcore tranny update! Today we have a special treat for you guys. Ramon is on a trip through Asia and is getting some lessons in the "how to pick up a tranny" department. Our beautiful, sexy, and slim Palmony is helping him out. Ramon doesnt wanna learn any "how are you" or "hello" though.He wants to get right to the fucking and cock-giving talk.In other words he wants to pound that petite Asian shemale ass.This is no barrier for him though, as everyone knows he would go very far for some tranny-lovin. Palmony knows whats going down, and shes all for it. You know when you put Ramon and a tranny together nothing less than a hardcore ass-stuffing extravaganza is about to happen. Lets welcome our new TS girl Palmony the only way we do it here at Trans500, with a SUPER-SIZED sausage in their tight holes! Enjoy Palmony and Ramon in "Pounding Palmony"