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Description: Hey Trans500ers! We have something special for you on this glorious Friday. Weve got the very anticipated scene you all have been waiting for.Whats the best thing to do when youre vacationing in Miami? Get laid and fuck some hot piece of ass thats what.What else is Miami for? Well our dynamic duo Ramon and Castro Supreme are on the hunt for some tranny tail on the beaches of South Florida. Nothing seems to be woirking so they come up with the idea of dressing up as lifeguards.You know TS girls love a man in uniform. Monstercock himself spots the beautiful Eva Lin laying on the sand catching some rays. PERFECT! These two just jet over there to score together. Cus you know the saying , "Its no fun if my homie dont get none" So these two attack that meaty ass and tits like a pair of hungry lions. You know how Ramon and Castro Supreme run game on these hot trannies.They arent leaving until they stick their cocks into some tranny ass-hole.Eva Lin doesnt need much convincing because she wants something hard in her ass right now! You know what happens next, some hardcore tranny ass-hole stuffing threesome action! These two pound that ass like its running away. No more chit chat, lets get right into it. The scene everyones been waiting for "The Tranny Diving Duo" with Monstercock Ramon, Castro Supreme and Eva Lin.