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Description: Hey fellow TS lovers! Welcome back to another update with our sexy Natassia Dreams and our main man Roberto. What happens when youre taking a business trip to Barcelona and get done with the "business" part of the trip? Well its then time to unwind and relax with nothing less than the pleasure of having a horny TS call girl at your fingertips. I mean, who goes overseas and makes no time for themselves right? Our boy Roberto wants to take his mind off all that paperwork and business mumbo jumbo with some hardcore tranny loving! You know, the kind of loving that can only come from someone like the curvy and thick-ass -packing Natassia Dreams. Natassia knows the deal when shes called in. Nothing but hardcore ass-stuffing, cock-sucking and hardcore pounding is whats in store for her. Natassia Dreams loves nothing more than to get her ass penetrated and manhandled, and you know Roberto definately doesnt disappoint. So sit back and enjoy all the hardcore TS action that only the crew at Trans500 has to offer.